Flat earth researcher Brian S. Staveley is interviewed by Carlos, Nick and Brandon on Emergency Exit 66 Podcast . The video is over an hour but it is very fast paced, with a wide variety of subjects tackled. The last minutes were presented as a newscast.

The interview starts with a discussion of NASA faking space flight and moves through commercial flight routes; the North Star; the I.S.S. and other satellites. Brian makes several good points about the fake looking photos of Earth while covering the EPIC and Himawari satellites and shadows on the moon in day time. The hosts keep the chatter going and Brian obliges. Further points covered include time delays in NASA radio transmissions at 38:00 and the lack of north/south circumnavigation. Additionally, there was some dispute regarding 24 hr. video of the Sun’s position at the South Pole as round earth proof.

The coverage is exhausting and nearly exhaustive. Few arguments on Flat Earth Science have been left out. The group even covered the photos of the Chicago skyline; debating how much of the skyline could be seen and if it was due to atmospheric conditions or the result of no curvature.

View the video here:

The video creators and hosts, Carlos, Nick and Brandon review themselves at the end of the interview. This technique can really save time for their listeners. Why look to The Times or The Post when we can just wait till the end of the podcast?

Overall, the hosts seem knowledgeable about the Flat Earth models. The questions are better than can be expected from those unfamiliar with the subject. The video presents a balanced view of the subject and the hosts were pleasant and respectful to their guest. Although one of the hosts made a mistake in the relative size of the moon to the Earth, all shared a grasp of the science involved. The best thing is that it did not come off as Flat Earth 101. We give it 3 domes out of 5