The first time I heard the earth was flat was at the end of 2014. Some Christian said that my bible says that earth is flat. I went to go examine scriptures and found out that there was a major problem with the Heliocentric model. I never noticed it before until someone mentioned it to me. I believed it by faith in God’s Word and was not surprised to find that every test that has been done has proven that Earth has no curvature rate. So, I had this stance before hearing that God’s Word is literal and true. I never made things in God’s Word poetic, allegory, just all spiritual unless I had a key in scripture referencing a passage or the scripture said “AS” the tree’s of Lebanon.

I planed to use YouTube to teach scriptures and have taught scriptures for many years, I was a Pastor of a church at one time. Then Flat Earth came and I used my knowledge of CGI and V.R to explain how NASA pulls off their trickery. The Lord asked me when I was planing to do what He called me to do and gifted me to do. So, now I just teach the Word and we do bring up flat earth or Bible Cosmology. I also still will share electromagnetism, flat earth and other things with shows I get invited to. My focus is on all the scripture, not just Bible Cosmology.