Flat Earth Man, Not What You’d Expect

The dictionary defines altruistic as: Showing a disinterested and selfless concern for the well-being of others; unselfish. Such words come to mind when we think about Alex Michael. You may know him as Flat Earth Man or Conspiracy Music Guru. If you listen to Alex’s music, you may think he’s from Texas or maybe Virginia or any of the Appalachian states. If so, you are in for a shock! This baritone-voiced country crooner was born and raised in the UK.

Get That Friends, Flat Earth Man is a Britt!

At first glance, his charming British accent leaves you searching the halls saying… no, I came to interview Flat Earth Man… who are you? Alex Michael is, among other things, an accomplished actor. The character of Flat Earth Man and others is his own personal creation. His multifaceted personality is incredibly entertaining and so unique that we almost had to create a new genre just to place his music into. And indeed, we have… we call it Flat Earth Music. read more…