Watch when a NASA rocket is positioned over its launching pad. It is always pointed straight up toward the sky in a vertical position. The rocket continues to remain vertical as it takes off from the ground,. Afterwards, something happens and the rocket changes position by tilting a little bit toward a different direction. The spectators on the ground assume the rocket will continue flying until it passes through the atmosphere and exosphere. However, some people have different theories about this.

NASA always uses something called a roll program in all their rocket launches into outer space. The roll program happens when the rocket maneuvers a short time after it leaves the ground. In other words, the vehicle will tilt away from its vertical axis and change its attitude. This is supposedly done because it is the only way to get the spacecraft into orbit after it separates from the lower stages.

The common belief is that the Earth rotates in an eastern direction. NASA claims they maneuver their rockets this way so their spacecrafts will have an easier path to orbit. Conversely, there may be another reason why the spacecraft maneuvers?

Let’s think about the logic here

If outer space truly does exist, what is the harm of sending the rocket straight up into the sky until it passes through the exosphere? Why does it have to maneuver in a new direction before it even gets close to exiting the Earth? If the “eastern orbit” theory is true, couldn’t the rocket just maneuver before it’s about to reach outer space?

It seems like NASA might be using their “roll program” to hide the real truth about the Earth. Perhaps the planet is truly flat, and NASA is just preventing the rockets from crashing into the sky by executing this tilt maneuver to dodge it.

Rockets hiding in the ocean

Why do you think the rockets are launched at the Kennedy Space Center on the eastern coast of the United States? Maybe because there is a great big ocean to the east which doesn’t have any people. Since NASA maneuvers their rockets to the east, this means no one will be around to witness what happens to them in that direction. The spectators at the space center just assume the rockets went into outer space.

What if the rockets really ended up crashing into the Bermuda Triangle? Could this be why the Bermuda Triangle is such a mysterious place? The government could be covering up what happens to their rocket ships by destroying anyone or anything that comes along the path of the triangle. That way, they can continue to hide the truth about the Earth being flat.